What you need to know

How much does it cost to sign up?

To celebrate the launch of the SCALE Community, it is FREE to sign up! Create your profile and benefit from the educational content, groups, and forums within the SCALE Community for FREE.*

*Paid Premium and Partner packages to be announced later in 2024.

How do I invite others to join the SCALE Community?

Easy, as a Community member yourself you can just go to your profile, click “invite member” and share the link through your socials or on whatsapp.

You can also find a sign-up link ( which you can share throughout your wider network to encourage more members into the SCALE Community.

The more the merrier!

How can I contribute to SCALE Community?

Either you are an experienced Property Manager, an industry expert, or a Short-Term Rental service provider, you’re welcome to share your content and your expertise with our Community.

Visit the page and fill out the form. Our team will reach out to you with detailed information on how to proceed.

What´s the difference between a Community Contributor and a Community Partner?

A Community Contributor is a member of the SCALE Community who is a professional Property Manager, owner, investor or specialist and has valuable insider insights, experiences and lessons learnt, to share with the wider Community.

A Partner Contributor is a member of the SCALE Community, who is a Short-Term Rental product or service provider, has valuable educational insights and will raise awareness of the latest trends, services and technologies within our industry that could help you.

Learn more about becoming a Contributor here: 

*Any individual working for an industry service provider who wishes to contribute must do so as a Partner Contributor in the name of the company they work for. Any individual working for any industry service provider who signs up as an individual and impersonates a Community Contributor will be removed from the Community with immediate effect.

I'd like to make a request/ suggestion, what should I do?

We love hearing from our Community members! We will be sharing regular polls and surveys with you which will give you the opportunity to make requests.

Do you offer courses I can join?

Courses*, Masterclasses*, and more learning opportunities are on our roadmap for the SCALE Community. As a valued member, we will keep you up to date on when you can sign up for courses which will be available to all Premium Members* of the Community.

*SCALE Community live training content* calendar will be released later in 2024.
**Paid Premium and Partner packages are to be announced later in 2024.

What are the groups for?

Groups are a fantastic way of following specific content topics of interest to you and networking with like-minded property managers who have shared interests and learning goals. Build your network easily, interact, engage, share and learn with content, posts, comments and more.

Can I start a new group?

If you have a suggestion for a group you can let us know in the regular surveys we send. Your suggestion will first be reviewed, if the group goes live and there isn´t any engagement within it, the group will be temporarily hidden in the Community. High demand and interest in engaging can get it reinstated.

Do you have a SCALE Community code of conduct?

Absolutely! Your comfort in our Community and security online is very important to us. You can see our “Code of Conduct” which includes our Community Commitment to you alongside our T&Cs and Privacy Policy.

What happens if I need to report someone?

We hope this never happens, however, if you feel uncomfortable with another Community member, their content, or comments, please contact us immediately using the subject line “REPORT” in capitals, and send it directly to [email protected].

We take all complaints very seriously and will investigate the matter in hand. 

You can learn more about how this will be handled in our T&Cs.

Do you share my details with vendors/3rd parties?

No! Your company and personal details will never be shared by SCALE to any 3rd party. SCALE uses your details to communicate with you regarding the SCALE Community, and to subscribe to the SCALE newsletter for updates and events so you never miss out!

You can see more about how your data is used in our Privacy Policy.