Terms of Service

Acceptance of Service

SCALE Rentals International (“SCALE”) is the registered company under which the SCALE Community is hosted. The SCALE Community is a subscription-based online platform that provides interactive educational resources and networking activities. Subscribers to the SCALE Community known as “Members” agree to respect and honor the Terms of Service. Usage and collaboration by the Members with the SCALE Community is in line with and governed by our SCALE Community Terms of Service. SCALE reserves the right to update our Terms of Service as appropriate.

By subscribing to the SCALE Community you are accepting our SCALE Terms of Service. If you do not agree to the SCALE Terms of Service or if you break these terms, SCALE reserves the right to refuse you access to the SCALE Community including content and other SCALE Community Members. The services provided by the SCALE Community are aimed at adult professionals with positions and interests related to the short-term rental industry.

SCALE as a brand upholds a strong stance on exclusivity however anyone under the age of thirteen is prohibited from subscribing to the SCALE Community for their well-being. Anyone under the age of thirteen must not use the SCALE Community or services to interact with any other member of the SCALE Community, must not submit any personal data including contact information or images, and must not take or attempt to take any interaction offline outside of the SCALE Community. If you suspect there are any underage Members using the services provided in the SCALE Community it is your responsibility as a Member and in line with the SCALE Community Terms of Service to report this immediately. SCALE Community reserves the right to remove any underage Members with immediate effect.

For your own cyber security, it is not recommended to share your password or to have multiple users under the same account profile. In following these Terms of Service, you agree that as a subscribing Member, you are solely responsible for all activities including comments and forum discussions that happen under your account. If you suspect, or become aware of a breach of security under your account profile it is your responsibility to report it immediately to the SCALE Community Manager. In the event of any reported suspicious behavior against your account profile, SCALE Community reserves the right to take immediate action including suspension or removal of your account from the SCALE Community.

User Conduct and Restrictions

By agreeing to the SCALE Community Terms Of Service you agree that you will NOT

  • Share, including posting, commenting, uploading, discussing, any content that is knowingly incorrect, illegal, contains, or incites any form of hate speech or sentiment.
  • Share, including posting, commenting, uploading, and discussing, any content that is abusive, threatening, or harmful to others or to the SCALE brand.
  • Bully or harass any Member of the SCALE Community, be invasive of their privacy, or use defamatory language or content about them or the SCALE brand. This includes all Membership subscriptions, admins and moderators.
  • Bully or harass any non-Members of the SCALE Community known or related to the Short Term Rental industry, be invasive of their privacy, or use defamatory language or content in relation to them.
  • Use offensive language, obscenities or slurs including in shared content, posts, comments or chat forums.

The SCALE Community’s commitment to you as a subscribing Member is to safeguard your personal and professional information and wellbeing. We take a zero tolerance approach to hate speech of any form, to breaches of online security to our Members or the SCALE Community platform and services.

As part of the SCALE Community commitment to you we will monitor and moderate all content including personal and private data, posts, comments, forum discussions, and all shared media content in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all users.

Limitation of liability

Learning Together, Responsibly

The SCALE Community thrives on valuable content from experts and professionals. Contributors are expected to ensure their content is accurate and factual to the best of their knowledge.

SCALE and the SCALE Community are educational platforms, therefore cannot be held liable for any actions taken based on interpretations, misunderstandings, or advice derived from the content. This includes, but is not limited to, loss of profits, incurred costs, or any other damages.

Keeping the Community Safe

We take our responsibility to members seriously. The present Community Terms of Service (TOS) outline expectations for a safe and positive experience for everyone. We regularly update the present TOS to reflect any changes. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate access for members who violate the TOS.

Community Growth

The SCALE Community is constantly evolving. We may update, modify, or discontinue services without liability to members or third parties.


If you’re reported for violating the TOS, your account and content may be suspended or terminated immediately. This includes removal of your profile data and any shared content.

Your Responsibility

By joining the SCALE Community you agree the present TOS, assuming any responsibilities for your online conduct and acknowledge that SCALE is not liable for suspension or termination of your account.

General Provisions

The SCALE Community TOS are a binding agreement between you and the SCALE Community concerning your usage of, access to and conduct within the platform. The SCALE Community TOS represent the binding terms and conditions of the SCALE Community and any issues or conflicts will revert back to them, overriding any additional Privacy Policies, Membership T&Cs or Community Guidelines.

The SCALE Community TOS are subject to change and can only be amended by authorised by SCALE Community admin team.